Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Authors in Bloom Blog Hop

Come and Join me for the
Authors in Bloom Blog Hop
April 7th – April 16th 2014 
10 Days of Giveaways-Gardening Tips-Recipes-and more! 
Plus a GRAND PRIZE you’ll be digging to win!

The Empress of Ireland
Story 1 in the Places to See Series
Buy here on Amazon
Laila Byrne made a final promise to her friend. She will travel more and work less. After sticking a pin in a map of the world, she heads off to Ireland. 
Laila's trip doesn't work out as planned, but the mix-up results in a chance encounter with a handsome Irishman, Alasdair. 
Alasdair spends all his waking hours trying to figure out how to keep his family’s century old pub, The Empress of Ireland, open for business. He doesn’t have time for anything. But when the lovely American comes across his path, will he find time? 
Once you come to Ireland, you may never leave. 
Story One in The Places to See Series. 

Look for my great garden tips on Pinterest.
Can't wait for Spring!

Use Ping Pong Balls for Outdoor lights added to a string of plain white lights 
Use old gutters to grow lettuce and herbs.

What's your favorite part of Spring?
Leave your answer and email address below for a chance to this beautiful scarf and an 
autographed copy of
The Empress of Ireland.


Renee said...

My favourite part of spring has to be when youhear birds chirping again and shortly after, the chicks as they're being born :)

Renee bramgirl@hotmail.com

Heare2Watts said...

My favorite part of spring has to be "new beginnings" Seeing flowers pop up, something even through the snow. Watching the trees bud back out after sleeping the winter away. It is like a renewing of life!
Redrabbitt@aol.com (2 b's & 2 t's)

Froggy said...

I love fresh fruit and veggies in farmer markets!

love the scarf!!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Leslie Rodriguez said...

seeing everything come back to life. esseboo@yahoo.com

Lisa Lickel said...

Yummy, Jennifer! I saw your book earlier on Amazon, It looks so good. lisalickel@yahool.com

Elise-Maria Barton said...

I love participating in these blog hops~ I always come away with a longer TBR as well as new bloggers added to my Bloglovin’ feed :)

ilookfamous at yahoo dot com

Liz said...

Awesome tip! Thanks!

Marilyn Conner Miles said...

I love to see the flowers popping up in our garden and the yards of the neighbors, but probably my favorite thing about spring is seeing the new lambs, calves and foals. Our neighbor has a lamb and its so cute!

savannah said...

That is a super cute lighting idea!
I can't wait to read your book :)

greeniejoey said...

The gutter is fabulous and the Ping pong ball lights are creative. I never would have thought to do that. I adore the scarf. If I don't win can you message me as to where to buy one. Thank you!
greeniejoey at gmail dot com

Nancy Arny Pi-Sunyer said...

Love both your hints. Maybe I can keep the lettuce away from my rabbits! Happy to be part of the hop.

Brandi said...

Thank you for sharing your tips with us! =)

My favorite thing about Spring is the warmer weather! I'm over the cold & I just want to take walks outside & sit on the porch & relax with my book. <3

Thank you for the awesome giveaway! I hope you have a great day! =)

BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

cchant said...

My favorite part of spring is the longer days and the chance to get my vegetable garden going again. I love having all my salad fixin's right outside my kitchen door rather than having to buy them at the grocery store. :-)
cchant86 @ yahoo.com

Book Attict said...

I love the longer days and reading at the beach!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com

Jeanette Platt said...

I love all the blooming flowers, the smells of spring... When I walk out my house I smell Honeysuckles and that is a great smell. Thank you for being part of the hop... That is one pretty scarf.


Glenn Woods said...

My favorite thing about spring is the warmer weather! Thanks for the giveaway!
Alisha Sienkiel

Shadow said...

Hi! Great post! My favorite part is flowers! I especially love wild flowers! There so pretty! Thank you for sharing! :)
​And ​thank you for being apart of this awesome hop!

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