Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love Potion Number 10 out for Valentine's Day

Love Potion Number 10

On this Valentine’s Day, Everett Benedet, is desperate to make her boss fall in love with her. When she spots on ad for a local fortune teller who makes love potions, she’s willing to try anything to bring the blond Adonis she admires from afar into her arms. 
Valentine’s Day gifts should be what you want. 
But when a misunderstanding occurs, Everett finds herself at the symphony with her co-worker, Royce. Dressed in a funky purple jacket with a grey shirt and bow tie, Royce looks darn adorable. No, puppies were adorable. Royce was sexy as hell. 
Torn between two men in this work place romance, Everett begins to wonder if she gave the love potion to the right man. 

Please note that this title can be purchased separately or is one of four (4) short stories in "Valentine Romance: The Best Short Story Romances" by Angela Ford, Jennifer Conner, Sharon Kleve, and Natalie-Nicole Bates. I highly recommend reading all four (4) stories - independently purchased or as a short story collection purchase - "The Best" is an accurate description!

Everett Benedet has determined that a love potion created by Madame Anaosov will be the magic that makes her boss Felix fall in love with her by Valentine's Day. As Everett is consumed with her plan, she doesn't immediately realize that someone else in the office has made some plans of his own to arrange to spend an evening with her to capture her heart.

This story is so much fun to read! Each of the characters in the story adds another layer of delight to the office intrigue and the reader keeps hurrying to turn the page to learn if Everett's plan for Felix will work or if she'll miss the opportunity with coworker Royce that might be the very person that could fulfill all the dreams of her heart.

Everett is one determined young woman who talks over all of her plans with girlfriend Lynne and then completely ignores Lynne's advice. I think every woman has had an experience some time in her life just like that - perhaps being the friend that gave the advice or being the friend that totally ignored the advice! The reader is able to quickly realize that Felix is the last man on earth that one would want Everett to spend an evening with let alone her life. But what about Madame Anaosov's lotion potion? Oh my!

Happy Valentine' Day everyone! And remember - particularly around Valentine's Day - you might want to check and double-check who baked the cookies!

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