Friday, April 3, 2015

Magical lockets - magical moments - magical love across the generations.

With the release last week of Cinderella I've been in contact with many reviewers.
One in particular, Ferne, had a story of her own to add to my Cinderella story and the magic locket.

I needed to share it with all of you. It was very special.

Reading "Cinderella Had It Easy" was such a joy! I loved the story! There are some moments in life when things all come together in a perfect timing sequence.  On Saturday evening I was captivated by the story that Cami shared with her girlfriends about the visit with her grandmother and the description of an exquisite locket that the grandmother had owned as a young woman. As I continued to read about the possibilities of the magical locket, I was simultaneously savoring some very endearing memories from earlier in the day. 

As a family we gathered at the assisted living facility for a luncheon with my mother-in-law in honor of her 93rd birthday. It was so exciting to have the family together and celebrating on the actual day of her birthday.

On a Friday night FB post, my husband's daughter shared pictures of the special gift that she was going to present to her grandmother. Last year as grandmother and granddaughter were spending time together sorting and packing before my mother-in-law moved from the family home, an old ring was discovered in her jewelry box. The granddaughter didn't understand why her grandmother was keeping an old ring that had obviously been cut and could no longer be worn. The grandmother shared the story that the ring was a gift from her mother when she was 16 years old. At some point in time, the ring had to be cut off the grandmother's finger to be removed. She saved it in her jewelry box. 

My husband's daughter had the ring made into an beautiful locket as a birthday gift for her grandmother. I had the description of Cami's locket from her grandmother in my mind and I could picture it being lifted from the small, worn satin pouch with a silver chain and made of ivory with onyx behind it. But there was another part of my mind that was playing an extraordinary video of the sweet and treasured memory of another granddaughter so lovingly helping her grandmother with a ruby locket on a gold chain. Magical lockets - magical moments - magical love across the generations.  


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