Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Lucy Kevin/Bella Andre Four Weddings and a Fiasco Hop

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to win a pair of beautiful earrings.

A new Kindle World book linked to the Bella Andre/Lucy Kevin's bestselling series, Four Weddings and a Fiasco . 
Piper volunteered as a bridesmaid and thought if she could help three co-workers plan their weddings they'd all become friends. Her plan didn’t work. Just when she sensed it might turn out a waste of time, she meets a handsome limousine driver at the first wedding. 
Novak has been growing his business Limo Scene. He loves his job but the long hours of waiting by himself wear on him that is until a cute bridesmaid stumbles his way. He doesn't have time for a relationship. Or does he? 
Follow Piper and Novak through weddings at the Rose Chalet. It's one thing to work at other's weddings, but will they ever get a chance for a wedding of their own? 
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Leave your email below for a chance to win either the earrings or one of the rhinestone hairclips.
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